Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SAFE sex = GREAT sex

When he says,.."Baby,I don't have anything, I'm clean." Right before y'all start having sex. You were hesitant at first but you just got caught up in the moment again. But the only thing you are nervous about is getting pregnant but pregnancy isn't what we all need to be worried about,'s the sexual transmitted diseases that people don't really take serious. You can't tell by how a person looks that they got something.        And let's be real, do you actually think that dude go get tested yearly?...Do you go get checked yearly? And a lot of people be blinded by love and just think because I sleep with this one person I'm okay,..some people are sneaky and you don't know what they was doing before you meet them or when they not around you. And pay close attention if he is so quick to go in you unprotected,.. Image how many other people he did that too.
     Women,.. I just ask that we protect our body more don't let anyone or any type of feelings control our body. Our body is sacred. Ain't nothing wrong with having condoms on you either! That dosent make you a hoe! It makes you cautious! That is why the best sex is always being SAFE. Hell, aint nothing wrong with taking your partner with you so you both can get checked at same time..

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