Thursday, October 27, 2016

My take on reality shows

       See reality shows are very entertaining and that's mainly what it is for right? I started watching this show love and hop just about 2 years ago and now I have something to say. First I want to know why come all the women on this show always have to have their breasts out? I mean shoot I cant even concentrate or take them serious when they be discussing an issue because their breast are just sitting there. I mean we obviously know that majority of the women on these reality shows have work done and they can do whatever the hell they want. I think I might get some work done. But these days  kids watch these shows,....(which mines wouldn't be allowed to) and they think that their bodies are just naturally like that and want to be them. Reality shows portray a fake image, magazines, music videos and everything. It's called reality but at times are far from that. Not only kids,...adults look up to things like this too. I am sorry to say that but there are some out there that do.
       These shows these days are teaching our kids and people the wrong things and people out there are trying to live a fantasy life that they see on tv. Everybody's life is different. Everybody struggle. They hardly show that. They show women in make-up all the time like they don't have bad days so every one is living upon those expectations. It is more to life than just make-up and fashion because that love and hip hop show is like a fashion show....dealing with talent less people.. making a fool out of themselves. I mean there may just be a couple of talented people on there but how many people have made it big? Not many. Just tell me how everybody want to go from stripping to making trashy music?

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