Friday, October 21, 2016

Mothers being too young or the ones that just dont know any better

I am seeing a lot of things going on in this world. Especially with young mothers...mainly young black mothers and fathers but that's another story. I seen a picture of this little girl that didn't look no more than 6 years old with a tight stretch like jumpsuit on with some kind of high bun in her head with weave. She just looked too grown. And why?.. It's like the mother is dressing the child like she dress...which is probably the case. Look, let kids be kids. Dress kids like they are kids. Instead of focusing on clothes we need to be focused on putting these children in books. We are teaching kids the wrong thing and wonder why things happen to them or they end up being disrescpectful because we are trying to be our kids best friend! No. A child do not need their moms to be their best friend...they need a mother. Lets stop the nonsense.

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