Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cancer is real.

Cancer can happen to anyone and since it is breast cancer awareness month I want to share something with you all. My mother had breast cancer. She first found out when she was 25 years old,...when she was pregnant with my 13 year old sister. Then the cancer came back about 6 years later when she was pregnant with my 8 year old sister and this time My mom and my grandmother was going through breast cancer at the same time. My grandmother had gotten one of her breast off and survived but this time My mom lost the battle.
     She went strong all the way until the end and it was just crazy to me to see what cancer can do to someone. I seen the daily changes of the effects of it. Which is why it is so important to get checked,.. No matter how old you are because disease doesn't have an age. I took it upon my self to go get checked. So ladies,... Even men,.. Go get checked and pay attention to anything unusual that is going on with your body because cancer is something to try to prevent it like eating better and kicking your bad habits to the curve because some things we can control and some things we Just cant!
                                   Xoxo, My mother and grandma: breast cancer, My uncle: brain cancer, great Aunt: colon cancer.

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